List of 110 Confirmed Abstracts

(Updated on : 27.2.2019

THEME 1: Energy in 21st Century – Resources Efficiency of Built Environment (20 abstracts)

Yiqing Yuan (China): Power Transmission Method for Building
Yiqing Yuan (China): The optimization involves the resources allocation in the power industry
Vlatka Rajčić (Croatia): Energy Efficiency of CLT Frame with Laminated Glass Infill
Juliet Mawunyo Gbormittah (Ghana): Contributing to SDGs 7, 11 & 12 via Solar Home Systems - A Case Study from Ghana
Maher Saab (Iraq): Enhancing deployment of integrated solar combined cycle projects in MENA region
Ania Lopez (Italy): Biomass district heating in Italy. Case study
Igor Mesherin (Russia): Analysis of the development of the energy market
Zeljko Vukelic (Slovenia): Potential of shallow geothermal energy in Slovenia
Lovrenc Novak (Slovenia): Future needs for energy storage in Alpine region
Jernej Mazij (Slovenia): Issues related to efficient and safe design of refurbished and upgraded large hydropower infrastructures in Slovenia
Janez Blaž (Slovenia): Efficient use of energy in the light of optimal public passenger transport
Marjana Šijanec Zavrl (Slovenia): The Slovenian approach to sustainability indicators for buildings.
Robert Bergant (Slovenia): New Nuclear Power Plant as Part of Long Term Energy Sustainable Development in Slovenia
Gašper Stegnar (Slovenia): The role of shallow geothermal energy in transition to low carbon energy systems in Slovenia
Marjana Šijanec Zavrl (Slovenia): Challenges for Better Acceptance of NZEBs in Slovenia
Vesna Žegarac Leskovar (Slovenia): Comprehensive Design Strategies for Sustainable Timber-Glass Buildings
Boris Azinović (Slovenia): The use of timber in high-rise building structures
Tomaž Žagar (Slovenia): Challenges of Energy Decarbonization: Issues for Energy Systems in 21st Century
Silvester Jeršič (Slovenia): Hydro Powerplants Chain on the Lower Sava River
Chung-Hao Wu (Taiwan): Permeability Of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete

THEME 2: Construction 4.0 – Advanced Construction Engineering (17 abstracts)

Maria Stefanova (Bulgaria): Digitization of the Construction Industry. Engineering Organizations in Support of European Initiatives, BIM Standardization and Accelerating BIM Adoption
Jinxiu Yan (China): Development of Tunnelling Technology in China over the Past 40 Years
Vlatka Rajčić (Croatia): Numerical Models for Verification of Bearing Capacity of the Hybrid Timber-Structural Glass Panel
Vlatka Rajčić (Croatia): Optimization Test Study of Connections and Joints Between Elements of the Hybrid Timber-Structural Glass Panel
Charles Mitchell (Ireland): Standardisation in construction cost control; the beginning.
Eugenio Realini (Italy): GeoGuard: an innovative service to monitor the displacements of structures and ground, based on cost-effective GNSS sensors
Eugenio Realini (Italy): GIMS: an innovative cost-effective system to monitor ground deformations, based on GNSS, InSAR and inertial measurement units
Zygmunt Meyer (Poland): Analysis of Combined Pile Raft Foundation based on a static load test
Stanisław Stadniczenko (Poland): Project of railway Tunnel connecting three main stations Łódź
Milan Mirkovic (Serbia): Analysis of the function availability impact on construction system indicators in the infrastructural works
Predrag Savic (Serbia): Analysis of Frame Constructions of Morefloors Buildings with the Aspect on Distribution of Internal Forces
Vladimír Benko (Slovakia): Supporting measures of BIM from the perspective of professional institutions
Hermann Ooging (Slovakia): New aspects of interdisciplinary cooperation based on OPEN BIM platform
Vlado Stankovski (Slovenia): Building Smart And Safe Construction Sites With Dependable Decentralised Artificial Intelligence Applications
Jure Česnik (Slovenia): Consistent and standard model content - a way towards utilization of advanced BIM use cases
Aleš Žnidarič (Slovenia): Using BRIDGE-WIM to Measure Bridge Performance Indicators
Žiga Turk (Slovenia): Perspectives for Industry 4.0 in Construction
Domen Ivanšek (Slovenia): Practical experiences with design and construction of Slovenian first Platinum certified DGNB sustainable building

THEME 3: Cultural Heritage in Digital World (18 abstracts)

André De Naeyer (Belgium): Medieval geometries identified by digital analysis - creating capacity to knowledge, cultural value and technical maintenance : The case of the 13th cent. S. Francis church in Assisi, Italy
Vlatka Rajčić (Croatia): Cultural Heritage BIM: Challenges and Opportunities
Marinos Ioannides (Cyprus): Holistic Documentation of the Past: A key Challenge in the 21st century
Antonia Moropoulou (Greece): Novel, Sustainable Preservation of Modern and Historic Buildings and Infrastructure. The paradigm of the Holy Aedicule’s Rehabilitation
Federica Maietti (Italy): Accessing and understanding heritage buildings through ICT. The INCEPTION methodology applied to the Istituto degli Innocenti.
Federica Maietti (Italy): Digital Tools for Documentation and Analysis of Heritage City Centres in India
Anna Elisabetta Ziri (Italy): Using Owl-Time Ontology to Define Time in H-BIM Models
Roberto Di Giulio (Italy): ICTs for Accessing, Understanding and Safeguarding Cultural Heritage
Giuseppe Mincolelli (Italy): Accessible cultural heritage: developing digital user experiences
Beatrice Turillazzi (Italy): Digital Data Platforms for Heritage-led Urban Regeneration and Historical Sites Enhancement
Emanuele Piaia (Italy): IM-based Cultural Heritage Asset Management Tool. Innovative solution to orient the preservation and valorization of historic buildings
Andrea Boeri (Italy): New approach and tools for the governance of historic urban landscapes. The role of resilient communities
Daniel V. Oliveira (Portugal): The role of digital tools in the preventive conservation of cultural heritage: the experience of HeritageCare project
Dušan Petrovič (Slovenia): Geodetic Methods for Modeling and Documenting Cultural Heritage Objects
Tilen Urbančič (Slovenia): Advanced monitoring of the church of St. Benedict in Kančevci (Slovenia)
Meta Kržan (Slovenia): Simplified seismic assessment of monument applying the 3D time evolution presentation
Roko Žarnić (Slovenia): The elements of identification of cultural heritage services
Tatiana Ruchinskaya (United Kingdom): The Potential for Blockchain Technology to Integrate the Tobacco Warehouse Heritage of Kavala (Greece) in the Contemporary Life of the City

THEME 4: Disaster Risk Management & Governance for Resilient Communities (25 abstracts)

Johannes Hübl (Austria): New standardization of technical torrent control structures in Austria
Georg Nagl (Austria): Novel monitoring barrier to investigate the interaction of debris flows and mitigation structures
Norbert Mayr (Austria): Detention Basin „Krems-Au“ as an Example for Flood Protection in Densely Populated Areas of Austrian Mountainous Regions
Konstantinos Tsalouchidis (Austria): A Ground Motion Selection Approach Based on Multiobjective Optimization Tailored to Provide Region Specific Record Sets
Ankun Song (China): Influence Circles of Disaster Risk Management for Community Infrastructures
Aris Chatzidakis (Greece): Structural Sustainability for existing Infrastructure and buildings
Ashok Basa (India): Enhancing Resilience - A Means of Disaster Risk Management
Iunio Iervolino (Italy): Issues and Strategies for Earthquake Resilience in Italy
Jae-Do Kang (Japan): Summary: Research Using Large-Scale Shaking Table
Jošt Sodnik (Slovenia): Debris Flow Hazard Assessment - From Regional To Basin Scale
Matjaž Mikoš (Slovenia): UNESCO Chair on Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction (WRDRR)
Gašper Rak (Slovenia): Optimization of HPPs chain operation during flood waves
Marko Komac (Slovenia): Public & Free(?) Access To Spatial Data
Mitja Brilly (Slovenia): More Room for Water Initiative (MR4W)
Janja Kramer Stajnko (Slovenia): Impact Of The Structural Flood Protection Measures On The Activities Of Protection, Rescue And Relief Forces
Simon Rusjan (Slovenia): The Design Rainfall Issue: Impact of the Results of the Hydraulic Modelling
Krištof Oštir (Slovenia): Application of Earth observation and 3D geospatial data in disaster monitoring
Tatjana Isakovic (Slovenia): Recent advancements in the seismic protection of RC precast industrial buildings
Rudi Čop (Slovenia): Tectonic plate tension as the source of noise in the geomagnetic field
Tina Peternel (Slovenia): Implementation of Multidisciplinary Approach for Determination of Landslide Hazard
Dušan Žagar (Slovenia): Role of pollutant mass balances in environmental modelling
Janko Logar (Slovenia): LIQUEFACT: Assessment and Mitigation of Liquefaction Potential Across Europe
Anže Babič (Slovenia): A Risk-based Grading System Incorporating Tolerance Against Short-term and Long-term Risk Posed by Natural Hazards
Iztok Kamenski (Slovenia): JUBIZOL thermal insulation systems with an integrated risk management system in case of natural disasters
José Francisco Sáez Rubio (World Council of Civil Engineers): Flood and Drought Management: Challenges for Civil Engineering

THEME 5: Engineering Capacity Building (15 abstracts)

Yu Zhang (China): Smart school refurbishment for existing primary and secondary school in urban area of China
Enzo Siviero (Italy): TUNeIT: A Bridge Between Europe and Africa
Enzo Siviero (Italy): Functional Adaptation Of Bridges And Viaducts
Enzo Siviero (Italy): Riccardo Morandi'S Bridge In Genova From A Tragedy To A New Renaissance
Aliyu Muhammed (Nigeria): Issues and Challenges in Engineering Capacity Building in Nigeria
Alfredo Soeiro (Portugal): Terms of Reference for Civil Engineering Competences - TUNING Approach
Marko Komac (Slovenia): The Concept Of A Competent Person In Disaster Risk Management & Governance For Resilient Communities
Lidija Kegljevič Zagorc (Slovenia): Engineers In Sustainable Development Societies
Mitja Brilly (Slovenia): Flood Risk Management Master Programme - Success Story
Mojca Šraj (Slovenia): International Doctoral Summer School Natural Disasters: Opportunity For Improvement Of Understanding Of Natural Disasters And Their Prevention
Marta Vahtar (Slovenia): Water Education Games for Better Decision-making and Resilient Communities
Andrej Tibaut (Slovenia): From zero to heaven: first five years of siBIM
Imen Makhlouf (Tunisia): Women In Construction Breaking Glass Ceiling
Mykola Kiryukhin (Ukraine): Construction Industry And Technical Associations: Mutually Beneficial Cooperation
Martin Manuhwa (WFEO, Zimbabwe): Access to Energy

THEME 6: Digitally engineered built environment: BIM lifecycle and Facility & Asset - Management (14 abstracts)

Conrad Boton (Canada): Combining BIM and Lean to improve production on construction sites: A case study
Miguel Azenha (Portugal): BIM in the Lifecycle of Concrete Structures: Applications and Training Challenges
Michal Pasiar (Slovakia): Digitization of existing building for facility management purposes - case study
Marko Lutman (Slovenia): Maintenance Of Special Equipment At Bridge Constructions
Peter Novak (Slovenia): Indoor Environment and ventilation in sustainable buildings
Borut Hafner (Slovenia): Implementation and use of BIM technology in multidwelling facilities for management and maintenance of buildings
Matej Kušar (Slovenia): New bridge management system for Slovenian road network
Veljko Janjić (Slovenia): Integrated BIM Project Management Approach and Asset Management on large scale projects
Gašper Stegnar (Slovenia): Progressive Use of BIM for Holistic Energy Renovation of Office Buildings
Dejan Papič (Slovenia): Digital Built Environment Maturity Model (dbEMM) Advancing methods & processes in smart infrastructure asset management
Klemen Pahulje (Slovenia): Slovenian Real Estate Market: maintenance of multi-dwelling buildings and management challenges
Iztok Zabreznik (Slovenia): Impact of using BIM on project management (Design for obtaining a construction permit and Detailed design) for section of main railroad between Maribor and Šentilj
Chien-Cheng Chou (Taiwan): Physical Protection of Data Centers Using WiFi Channel State Information and Building Information Modeling Tools
Sivasakthy Selvakumaran (United Kingdom): Digitally engineered built environment: monitoring movements from space